Healing the Environment

Our food choices have an enormous impact on the environment all beings depend upon for their well being. Waste from factory farms and massive feedlots is a leading cause of pollution in our groundwater and rivers. Millions of fish and other marine life have been killed by animal waste spills in waterways. Entire rainforest ecosystems are being destroyed as the forests are cut down so cows can be raised and killed for human consumption. Government hunters annually kill about 100,000 coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, and bison in the United States alone to protect the interests of agribusiness. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has linked animal agriculture to a number of other environmental problems, including: contamination of aquatic ecosystems, soil, and drinking water by manure, pesticides, and fertilizers; acid rain from ammonia emissions; greenhouse gas production; and depletion of aquifers for irrigation.

"For me, being vegan is not about giving up anything.
It is about giving back-to animals and to the Earth; to our air, water, and energy supply; to future generations and to myself. Being vegan means recognizing that what we put on the ends of our forks is one of the most revolutionary acts we can take today." 
      - Julia Butterfly Hill, Founder, Circle of Life Foundation