Rhode Island Vegan Awareness is a public charity and a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. All of the programs listed below depend on donations from compassionate people like yourself!

Our events are for enjoying delicious vegan cuisine, live entertainment and making new friends.  Whether you are vegetarian, vegan, or just want to learn more about veganism, join us for a great time!  As always, there is merchandise for sale, and free educational information available. The delicious buffet dispels all myths that vegan food is boring.  We have events all year long with our two big fundraisers in October and April. Check out photos of past events in our Photo Gallery.

Film Screenings
Many consumers are compelled to rethink their food choices once they bear witness to the heart-breaking films of unecessary suffering and violence of non-humans, whether that being is a helpless hen trapped in the wire of her battery cage or a mother cow crying for her baby calf taken away after only a few hours. Films that depict these horrors as well as the the personal transformations of people who used to enslave other species and are now vegan and the sanctuaries that rescue suffering farmed animals and provide them peace and love for the first time, are one of the most powerful tools we have for change.

RIVA has an online Film portal called Freedom Films to showcase thought provoking films.  In addition, we have held many film screeings at Cable Car Cinema, Avon Cinema, local libraries, and health centers throughout Rhode Island.  We welcome arts organizations, theatres, and college campuses to contact RIVA at 401-919-2058 and set up a film screening event. We will provide the film, handouts, literature, veg starter guides, and vegan food tastings! A memorable and moving experience for all! We are also proud to have showed, "Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret," to a sold out audience at the Providence Place Cinemas and "Dominion," at the Avon Cinema.

Incredible In-Edible Egg Campaign: Past Campaign
RIVA has launched a campaign to raise awareness about the plight of hens in Rhode Island and beyond.  Did you know that in the tranquil town of Foster, RI, is a place where no hen would want to live.  The public is so disconnected from the orgins of their food and doesn't consider what goes into the neatly packaged, inexpensive egg carton at the market.   We urge people to educate themselves, others, and make food choices that are less violent and don't support the enslavement of other species.  Please visit our Incredible In-Edible Egg page and our Photo Gallery to learn more.

Library Connection
Public libraries are wonderful places to conduct research, learn new ideas, and challenge your thinking. Unfortunately, many libraries do not have adequate collections, if they have a collection at all, on vegan related books and films. RIVA has donated many books and films to libraries throughout the state and will continue to do so as funds allow.  In addition, we set up library displays throughout the state on vegan food choices.  The displays include free literature, books already in circulation and/ or those that we donate, and visuals.  RIVA has set up library displays in Cranston, Wakefield, Narragansett, Newport, East Greenwich etc.  We also host cooking demonstations at local libraries. 

Outreach Tables
Becoming informed is the first step toward creating social change. RIVA is deeply committed to providing the public with compelling facts and information regarding the intolerable suffering, widespread pollution, and chronic illness associated with consuming the flesh, eggs, and milk of other species. Our outreach tables provide free food samples, literature, handouts, booklets, membership information, and video footage to engage the public in learning. We are available to answer questions, share our personal experiences, and offer support to anyone interested. Whether it's at supermarkets, health expos, hospitals, environmental fairs, arts festivals, music concerts, university conferences, or city sidewalks, RIVA has been dedicated to raising public awareness. We seek to inspire others to shift their ethical perspectives and food choices. We encourage college groups or any interested host site to contact us at 401-919-2058 if they would like to schedule a RIVA outreach event.


Non-human speciees enslaved for human consumption are confined to the point where they can barely move, are denied veterinary care, are mutilated without painkillers, and are brutally killed.

These injustices, suffered by over 10 billion sentient land mammals and birds every year in the US alone, are what compelled us to launch the “Behind Closed Doors” TV Public Service Announcement campaign. With your support, this powerful 60 second Public Service Announcement can run on MTV throughout the entire state of Rhode Island and expose the routine abuse, torture, and suffering of other species. At the end of the PSA, viewers are provided the RIVA website where they can order a free Vegan Starter Guide and learn more.

The initial run in May of "Behind Closed Doors" has received well over 180 orders of Veg Starter Guides. Our PSA has been broadcast hundreds of times throughout the state of Rhode Island. This Public Service Announcement is one of the most important and effective tools of outreach. RIVA is determined to continue airing this important PSA but we need your help. We encourage you to read the following comments from viewers.

Felicia in Barrington
"i saw the commercial. it is absolutely horrid what they do to animals"

Caitlin in Providence
"Although I am not an avid meat eater I hope to rid myself of eating meat very soon. I have always felt severe compassion for all the animals killed for us to eat."

Kerri in Warwick
"A terrifyingly morbid and convincing MTV commercial. I^ve read Fast Food Nation, I^ve read The Jungle, my girl is Vegan....It took this commercial to pull me off the fence. I^ll do all I can to help you now."

Justine in Bristol
"I saw the ad on tv. It really got to me. So I went to the site to learn more."

Julia in Pawtucket
"i heard about Mercy For Animals from the commercial. i immediately went vegetarian. Animals have feeling too, just like humans. "

Kelly in Providence
"Absolutely heart breaking...I had to go to your website to find out more information."

Trisha Lynn in Narragansett
"I was watching TV and saw the commercial and it really changed my out look on eating meat. I think putting that commercial out is going to change many peoples views. Besides seeing the commercial I was just diagnosis with gout and i no longer can eat meat. So that helps me with giving it up all together. Because I can imagine giving meat up cannot be easy, but I am up for the challenge, because I can not bare to harm animals any longer. "

Lauren in Wakefield
"I saw a commercial where it featured clips of farm animals, and how they were caged, treated, and infected with diseases. I^ve been a vegetarian for 3 years now, and I've done lots of in school informative reports on animal cruelty and why vegetarianism is healthier and more a compassionate lifestyle. The commercial was really moving, and right after seeing it I came to this website."

Constantine in Middletown

Mike in Cranston
"a touching television commercial. i watched in shock as i saw innocent piggys being hung from a ceiling. i wanted 2 turn away, yet i knew that a cause was behind this. so i said to myself ""i must get involved"" any way any how. i am a long time animal lover, the animals turn to me in need, i speak to them in my dreams. please keep in contact i want to help, and i will already start by a personal boycott of that murder that they call meat."

As you can see, people are deeply moved by the suffering of other beings and are compelled to rethink their food choices. We need your help to fund this effort so that we may continue this and other important programs.

Vegan Starter Guides
RIVA understands the critical importance of educating the public about the becoming vegan.  We behold that the rampant suffering that cows, pigs, birds, horses, goats, and rabbits etc. endure is unjust and should be outlawed. To make exploring and adopting compassionate, healthy, and earth-friendly vegan cuisine as easy as possible, RIVA provides FREE vegan starter guides at all our events and on our website. In 2016 we will also begin distributing our bring new RIVA Vegan Restaurant Guide, free to the public.  If you would like to get involved in this or any of our other campaigns, please contact RIVA at 401-919-2058.

RIVA Vegan Restaurant Guide
Choosing vegan and rejecting unecessary suffering isn't difficult when you have the support and resources you need.

Our one-stop online guide to all things vegan related in Rhode Island and beyond helps people access the support they need with ease. We update the guide yearly and encourage you to contact us if you locate a resource we haven't so that we can let everyone know!

View the newest guide by clicking the link below: